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The audio files are listed by the month.



jan-02-2011-10-54-37 Pleasing God In 2011 / Pastor Jim Francis

jan-02-2011-18-37-41 Take Up Your Cross / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

jan-05-2011-19-16-55 Minsters Of The Gospel / Nathan Spencer

jan-09-2011-10-39-35 The Spirit Filled Life / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

jan-09-2011-18-28-03 The Power Of The Blood Covenant / Mary Schulte

jan-12-2011-19-04-24 Our Unity In Christ / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

jan-16-2011-10-42-50 Tapestries of Grace / Pastor Jim Francis

jan-16-2011-18-39-36 Living By Faith / Nathan Spencer

jan-23-2011-10-44-49 Our Christian Heritage / Pastor Jim Francis

jan-23-2011-10-29-55 Prophecy

jan-30-2011-10-45-52 Living The Fasted Life / Woody Woodson

jan-30-2011-11-46-37 AM Prayer Line / Woody Woodson

jan-30-2011-18-40-35 Dealing With The Flesh / Woody Woodson

jan-30-2011-20-00-21 PM Prayer Line / Woody Woodson


Feb-06-2011 Conversion and the Holy Spirit / Pastor James Francis

Feb-06-2011 Prophecy #1

Feb-06-2011 Prophecy #2

feb-06-2011 Prophecy #3

feb-06-2011 My Story My Testimony / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

Feb-20-2011 Church is Important  / Pastor Jim Francis

‎February ‎20, ‎2011 Run Your Race / Nathan Spencer

Feb-16-2011 The Rest Of God / Nathan Spencer

February ‎27, ‎2011 Kingdom Principles#1 / Pastor Jim Francis


‎March ‎06, ‎2011 Kingdom Principles#2 / Pastor Jim Francis

Mar-13-2011-10-42-05 Kingdom Principles #3 / Pastor Jim Francis

Mar-06-2011 Unity of the Spirit /Pastor Craig Dilbeck

Mar-09-2011-19-09-38 Understanding The Anointing #1 /Pastor Jim Francis

Mar-16-2011-19-04-21 Understanding the Anointing #2 /Pastor Jim Francis

Mar-13-2011-18-40-07 Prophecy for 2010 and 2011 /Pastor Jim Francis

Mar-20-2011-10-44-15 Walking in Faith and Victory / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

Mar-23-2011-19-12-22 Sanctify The Lord In Your Heart / Nathan Spencer

Mar-27-2011-PJ Keys To Answered Prayer / Pastor Jim Francis

Mar-30-2011-19-09-19 Expectancy / Pastor Craig Dilbeck


Apr-03-2011 Choose You This Day Whom You’ll Serve / Pastor Jim

Apr-03-2011-18-29-38 Defining Moments In Life / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

Apr-10-2011-10-38-11 Benefits Of Christ’s blood Shed for us / Pastor Jim Francis

Apr-10-2011-18-48-18 Seven Places Jesus Shed His Blood / Pastor Jim Francis

Apr-17-2011-10-55-11 Jesus Triumphant / Pastor Jim Francis

Apr-20-2011-19-05-44 Three Walks Of The Way / Nathan Spencer

Apr-24-2011-10-44-32 Resurrection Sunday / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

Apr-27-2011-19-06-26 Hope and Faith / Pastor Jim


May-01-2011-10-52-01 Grace and Faith / The Divine Enabler / Pastor Jim Francis

May-01-2011-18-36-56 Jesus Our Shepherd / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

May-04-2011-19-09-32 The Glorious Church / Pastor Jim Francis

May-08-2011-10-50-51 Mother’s Day Message / Pastor Lori Francis

May-15-2011-10-58-22 The Pure In Heart / Pastor Jim Francis

May-15-2011-18-53-59 Speak The Word / Pastor Jim Francis

May-29-2011-10-38-25 Bishop Charles Womack


Jun-01-2011-19-05-30 Luke 4:18-The Spirit of The Lord / Pastor Jim Francis

Jun-05-2011-10-46-17 God’s Vision /Pastor Jim Francis

Jun-05-2011-10-33-36 Prophecy

Jun-08-2011-19-06-47 Faith Works by Love / Becky Spencer

Jun-12-2011-11-08-41 Pentecost / Pastor Jim Francis

Jun-12-2011-18-37-28 Receiving The Impossible From God / Pastor Jim Francis

Jun-15-2011-19-05-39 Transcending The Mindset Of Our Times / Pastor Jim Francis

Jun-19-2011-11-07-46 Father’s Day / Joy Burchett

Jun-26-2011-10-48-44 Knowing God’s Ways / Pastor Jim Francis


Jul-06-2011-19-05-53 Effective Prayer / Pastor Jim

Jul-10-2011-10-52-05 Be On The Alert! / Kelly Latimer

Jul-13-2011-Pastor Jim Francis Following Jesus / Pastor Jim

Jul-17-2011-10-51-49 The Perfect Original Will Of God / Pastor Jim

Jul-17-2011-18-30-38 This One Thing I Do / Pastor Jim

Jul-20-2011-19-03-11 God’s Armor Bearers / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

Jul-24-2011-10-49-26 The Permissive Will of God  / Pastor Jim

Jul-27-2011-19-02-04 Angels On Assignment / Pastor Jim

Jul-31-2011-10-42-32 The Will of God #3 / Pastor Jim


Aug-03-2011-19-04-01 The Family Of God / Pastor Jim

Aug-07-2011-10-42-03 The Will Of God #4 / Pastor Jim

Aug-07-2011-18-36-55 Count it All Joy / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

Aug-14-2011-10-59-21 Predestination and the Will of God / Pastor Jim

Aug-17-2011-19-02-36 God is With Us / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

Aug-21-2011-10-47-15 Choosing God’s Will and the Faith Walk / Pastor Jim

Aug-21-2011-18-34-16 Riches / Nathan Spencer

Aug-24-2011-19-03-51 Discipleship / Pastor Jim

Aug-28-2011-10-38-01 Who Do You Say That I Am / Pastor Lori Francis

Aug-31-2011-19-15-02 The Blessing and The Laying On Of Hands / Pastor Jim


Sep-04-2011-10-49-31 The Various Facets Of Grace / Pastor Jim

Sep-04-2011-18-36-41 The Warrior Mentality / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

Sep-07-2011-19-13-24 God’s Order in Worship / Pastor Jim

Sep-11-2011-10-47-37 Covenant Names Of God / Pastor Jim

Pastor Debbie Utterback Having a Relationship With God / Pastor Debbie Utterback

Sep-18-2011-18-50-56 Devout Christians / Pastor Jim

Sep-18-2011-10-54-46 Standing On The Promises / Pastor Jim

Sep-21-2011-19-11-00 The Goodness Of God / Mary Schulte


Oct-02-2011-18-29-31 I’m Not Ashamed of The Gospel / Pastor Jim Francis

Oct-09-2011-10-58-19 Being A Christian / Pastor Jim Francis

Oct-09-2011-18-40-12 Higher Ground / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

Oct-12-2011-19-08-29 High Priest Of Our Confession / Pastor Jim Francis

Oct-16-2011-18-38-13 The End Time Generation / Pastor Jim

Oct-16-2011-10-51-20 As Ambassadors Our Allegiance Is With Heaven / Pastor Jim

Oct-19-2011-19-11-09 The Holy Spirit, Power and Truth / Pastor Jim Francis

Oct-23-2011-10-44-16 The Temple Of God / Pastor Jim Francis

Oct-26-2011-19-08-41 The Peace Of God / Pastor Jim Francis

Oct-30-2011-11-02-32 Reasons Why Prayers Are Hindered / Pastor Jim Francis


Nov-02-2011-19-02-30 Spirit Life {The Voice Of The Holy Spirit} / Pastor Jim

Nov-06-2011-10-43-11 You Shall Reap In Due Season / Pastor Jim Francis

Nov-06-2011-18-40-31  Discipleship / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

Nov-09-2011-19-06-08 Forbid Not To Speak With Tongues / Pastor Jim Francis

Nov-13-2011-10-45-25 Life Lived the Kingdom Way / Pastor Jim Francis

Nov-20-2011-10-52-21 It’s A Wonderful Life of Purpose / Pastor Jim Francis

Nov-27-2011-10-48-49 Pit Of Despair Or The Place Of Transition? / Pastor Jim Francis


Sharolyn Sidebottom and Connie Harris /  Walk With Me Ministries

Dec-02-2011-20-07-51 Sound Of Dominion /  Sharolyn Sidebottom

Dec-03-2011-11-56-41  Becoming Glorious/ Sharolyn Sidebottom

Dec-04-2011-10-42-44 Anchor Of Hope / Pastor Jim Francis

Dec-04-2011-18-36-49 The Traits Of A Disciple / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

Dec-07-2011-18-59-51 Divers Kinds Of Tongues / Pastor Jim Francis

Dec-11-2011-10-37-38 The Mystery Of Godliness / Pastor Jim Francis

Dec-11-2011-18-35-11 Tongues of Edification / Pastor Jim Francis

Dec-21-2011-19-04-46 Mark Of A Disciple / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

Dec-25-2011-10-36-58 The Bread Of Heaven & Incarnation / Pastor Jim Francis

Dec-28-2011-19-08-28 I Think Myself Happy / Pastor Jim Francis


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