The audio files on Victorious Life Church’s web site can be downloaded and used on any audio device that supports MP3 files. If you are using Windows Web browser, point to the audio file of choice and right click your mouse button.  Choose  “Save Target As” on the menu that pops up.

If you want to listen to the audio files on your computer, just left click on the file of your choice and it will begin playing using the installed media player on your computer.

The audio files are listed by the month.


Jan-02-2013-19-00-31 The Coming Kingdom / Pastor Jim Francis

Jan-06-2013-10-34-39 Insights for 2013 / Pastor Jim Francis

Jan-06-2013-18-34-19 Unfinished Business / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

Jan-09-2013-19-08-37 Authentic Christianity / Pastor Jim Francis

Jan-13-2013-10-59-48 I wish We all been Ready  / Pastor Jim Francis

Jan-13-2013-18-47-50 Jacob’s Trouble / Pastor Jim Francis

Baby Dedication

Jan-20-2013-10-45-04 /Pastor Nathan Spencer

Jan-27-2013-10-46-03 /Woody Woodson A.M. Service

Jan-27-2013-11-50-57 /Woody Woodson A.M. Prayer Line

Jan-27-2013-18-35-54 /Woody Woodson P.M. Service

Jan-27-2013-19-49-02 /Woody Woodson P.M. Prayer line


Feb-03-2013-18-34-03 /Pastor James Francis


Feb-10-2013-18-46-09 /Pastor Nathan Spencer

Feb-17-2013-10-32-26 /Pastor James Francis

Feb-24-2013-10-42-18 /Pastor James Francis

Feb-27-2013-19-07-20 /Pastor James Francis


Mar-03-2013-10-33-28 /Pastor James Francis

Mar-06-2013-19-07-16 /Pastor James Francis

Mar-10-2013-18-43-10 /Pastor James Francis

Mar-13-2013-19-10-26 /Pastor James Francis

Mar-17-2013-10-57-39 /Pastor James Francis A.M. Service

Mar-17-2013-18-46-51 /Pastor James Francis P.M. Service

Mar-20-2013-19-11-54 /Pastor James Francis

Mar-24-2013-10-55-11 /Pastor James Francis

Mar-27-2013-19-10-22 /Pastor James Francis

Mar-31-2013-10-44-03 /Pastor James Francis



Apr-07-2013-18-43-36 /Pastor Craig Dilbeck

Apr-14-2013-10-43-27 /Pastor James Francis


Apr-17-2013-19-11-55 /Pastor Craig Dilbeck


2013-Apr-21-18-44-04 /Pastor Craig Dilbeck

2013-Apr-24-19-10-40 /Pastor James Francis

2013-Apr-28-10-34-32 /Pastor James Francis


2013-May-01-19-05-07 /Pastor James Francis

2013-May-05-10-57-50 /Sharolyne Sidebottom

2013-May-05-18-49-11 /Mary Schulte

2013-May-08-19-08-52 /Pastor James Francis

The Overlooked Mother

2013-May-15-19-13-24 /Pastor James Francis

2013-May-19-11-13-46 /

Pastor James Francis

3D Love /Pastor Crag Dilbeck

2013-May-29-19-07-05 /Pastor Crag Dilbeck


2013-Jun-02-10-46-09 /Pastor Crag Dilbeck

2013-Jun-02-18-40-51 /Pastor Crag Dilbeck

2013-Jun-05-19-09-17 /Pastor James Francis

2013-Jun-09-10-44-07 /Pastor James Francis


2013-Jun-12-19-07-21 /Pastor James Francis


2013-Jun-19-19-12-37 /Pastor James Francis

2013-Jun-23-10-30-13 /Pastor James Francis

2013-Jun-30-10-55-11 /Pastor James Francis


2013-Jul-03-19-04-36 /Pastor James Francis

2013-Jul-07-10-45-12 /Pastor James Francis

2013-Jul-07-18-44-38 /Pastor Nathan Spencer

2013-Jul-10-19-15-51 /Pastor Craig Dilbeck

2013-Jul-14-10-51-59 /Pastor James Francis

2013-Jul-14-18-34-46 /Pastor James Francis

2013-Jul-17-19-10-16 /Pastor James Francis

2013-Jul-21-10-59-27 /Pastor James Francis

2013-Jul-24-19-11-32 /Pastor James Francis


2013-Jul-31-19-06-11 /Pastor James Francis


2013-Aug-07-19-04-33 /Pastor James Francis

2013-Aug-11-10-47-58 /Pastor James Francis

2013-Aug-11-18-39-33 /Pastor Craig Dilbeck

2013-Aug-14-19-06-01 /Pastor James Francis

2013-Aug-18-10-49-10 /Pastor James Francis

2013-Aug-21-19-06-12 /Pastor James Francis

Israel, Is Real! /Cindy Lawson

2013-Aug-28-19-07-50 /Pastor James Francis


2013-Sep-01-10-54-03 /Pastor James Francis

2013-Sep-04-19-11-30 /Pastor James Francis

2013-Sep-08-10-39-20 /Pastor Craig Dilbeck

2013-Sep-08-18-43-09 /Pastor Nathan Spencer


2013-Sep-11-19-13-59 /Pastor Craig Dilbeck

2013-Sep-15-10-52-09 Pastor James Francis /Pastor James Francis

2013-Sep-15-18-43-52 /Pastor Craig Dilbeck

2013-Sep-18-19-13-42 /Pastor James Francis


2013-Sep-25-19-14-44 /Pastor James Francis

2013-Sep-29-10-43-32 /Woody Woodson A.M.

2013-Sep-29-11-49-05 /Woody Woodson  Prayer Line A.M.

2013-Sep-29-18-55-37 /Woody Woodson P.M.

2013-Sep-29-19-56-42 /Woody Woodson Prayer line P.M.


2013-Oct-02-19-12-01 /Pastor Jim Francis

2013-Oct-06-10-46-34 /Pastor Jim Francis

2013-Oct-06-18-49-46 /Pastor Craig Dilbeck

2013-Oct-09-19-10-47 /Pastor James Francis

2013-Oct-13-10-52-24 /Pastor James Francis

2013-Oct-13-10-52-24 /Pastor James Francis

2013-Oct-20-10-59-48 /Pastor Craig Dilbeck

2013-Oct-23-19-06-13 /Pastor James Francis

2013-Oct-27-10-57-59 /Pastor James Francis

2013-Oct-30-19-06-38 /Pastor James Francis


2013-Nov-03-10-48-58 /Pastor James Francis

2013-Nov-03-18-40-15 /Pastor Nathan Spencer

2013-Nov-06-19-05-36 /Pastor James Francis

2013-Nov-10-18-40-45 /Pastor James Francis

2013-Nov-13-19-11-58 /Pastor James Francis

2013-Nov-15-19-57-40 /Sharolyn Sidebottom

2013-Nov-16-11-14-40 /Sharolyn Sidebottom

2013-Nov-17-10-49-56 /Sharolyn Sidebottom

2013-Nov-20-19-19-58 /Pastor James Francis

2013-Nov-24-10-30-47 /Prophecy

2013-Nov-24-10-54-46 /Pastor James Francis


2013-Dec-01-10-48-58 /Mrs Bubey

2013-Dec-01-18-30-34 /

2013-Dec-04-19-15-47 /Pastor James Francis

2013-Dec-08-10-53-02 /Pastor James Francis

2013-Dec-11-19-06-48 /Pastor James Francis

2013-Dec-18-19-07-34 /Pastor James Francis

2013-Dec-22-10-30-38 /Pastor Craig Dilbeck

2013-Dec-29-10-48-36 /Pastor Craig Dilbeck

2013-Dec-29-18-29-11 /Pastor Craig Dilbeck



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