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The audio files are listed by the month.


Jan-01-2012-10-44-40 Released For His Glory / Pastor Jim Francis

Jan-08-2012-10-43-19 God’s Nature Revealed / Pastor Jim

Jan-15-2012-10-41-41 Priorities For a Blessed Life

Jan-15-2012-18-40-25 Benefits Of The Blood Covenant / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

Jan-22-2012-Woody morn service The Power Of Your Testimony #1 / Woody Woodson

Jan-22-2012-woody eve service The Power Of Your Testimony #2 / Woody Woodson

Jan-22-2012 Morning Prayer Line / Woody Woodson

Jan-22-2012 Evening Prayer Line / Woody Woodson

Jan-25-2012-19-07-09 Spirit Life, Walking In The Spirit / Pastor Jim Francis

Jan-29-2012-10-55-38 Partakers Of The Divine Nature / Pastor Jim Francis


Feb-01-2012-19-05-01  The Formula For Victory / Pastor Jim Francis

Feb-05-2012-10-37-01 Tearing Down Strongholds / Pastor Jim Francis

Feb-05-2012-18-36-34 The Word Is A Seed / Pastor Jim Francis

Feb-08-2012-19-03-49 Called Out For A Purpose / Pastor Jim Francis

Feb-12-2012-10-44-05 Facing The Impossible / Pastor Jim Francis

Feb-12-2012-18-46-09  A Living Sacrifice / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

Feb-15-2012-19-09-18  Living Stones  / Pastor Jim Francis

Feb-19-2012-10-38-40  Living The Victorious Life / Pastor Jim Francis

Feb-22-2012-19-08-00 The Body Of Christ #1  / Pastor Jim Francis


Mar-04-2012-10-54-23 Preparation Before Presentation / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

Mar-04-2012-19-04-26 The Church, Body and The Brethren /Pastor Nathan Spencer

Mar-07-2012-19-14-29 Transition From One Move To The Next / Pastor Jim Francis

Mar-11-2012-10-42-30  The Cost Of Discipleship / Pastor Jim Francis

Mar-11-2012-18-35-33 / What’s In A Name? / Pastor Jim Francis

Mar-14-2012-19-14-52 Temptation, Tests And Trials / Pastor Jim Francis


Apr-01-2012-18-35-31  Prayer That Prevails / Pastor Jim Francis

Apr-01-2012-10-45-07 Who Do Men Say That I AM? / Pastor Jim Francis

Apr-04-2012-19-04-03 The Importance Of Jesus Shed Blood / Pastor Jim Francis

Apr-08-2012-10-35-30 Resurrection Sunday / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

Apr-11-2012-19-04-31 Living By Faith / Pastor Jim Francis

Apr-15-2012-10-44-59 Faith and Hope / Pastor Jim Francis

Apr-15-2012-18-41-33 Christian Determination  / Pastor Nathan Spencer

Apr-18-2012-19-06-51 Living Under Divine Order#1 / Pastor Jim Francis

Apr-25-2012-19-02-32 Living Under Divine Order#2 / Pastor Jim Francis

Apr-22-2012-11-00-49 In Him Realities#1 / Mark Ostrom

Apr-22-2012-18-50-16 In Him Realities#2 / Mark Ostrom


May-02-2012-19-07-55 Living Under Divine Order#3 / Pastor Jim Francis

May-06-2012-10-43-23 The Face of God / Pastor Jim Francis

May-06-2012-18-35-05 Restoring The Alter Of God / Pastor Jim Francis

May-09-2012-19-07-17 /  Pastor Jim Francis

May-13-2012-10-42-50 Mother’s Day/ Pastor Jim Francis

May-13-2012-18-32-25 His Presence Among Us / Pastor Jim Francis

May-16-2012-19-10-26 Toward Those That Are Without / Pastor Jim Francis

May-20-2012-10-55-31 Let God Be In Control/ Pastor Jim Francis

May-23-2012-19-04-34 The Community Of Christ / Pastor Jim Francis


Jun-06-2012-19-06-04 Spirit Life Believer#1/ Pastor Jim Francis

Jun-10-2012-10-48-12 Spirit Life Believer#2/ Pastor Jim Francis

Jun-13-2012-19-01-32 Leadership Of The Holy Spirit / Pastor Jim Francis

Jun-17-2012-10-56-06  Effective Christianity / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

Jun-24-2012-10-47-18 /A Clean Heart And A Right Spirit / Pastor Jim Francis

Jun-27-2012-19-04-44 Crowns Of Reward / Pastor Jim Francis


Jul-08-2012-10-39-20  All Things Are Possible / Pastor Jim Francis

Jul-08-2012-18-40-33 Winners, Hold-fast /Pastor Jim Francis

Jul-11-2012-19-04-50 Like Precious Faith / Pastor Jim Francis

Jul-15-2012-10-31-11 Prophecy /Pastor Jim Francis

Jul-15-2012 Kingdom Treasure / Sharolyn Sidebottom

Jan-15-2012-18-40-25 Contend For The Faith /Pastor Jim Francis

Jul-18-2012-19-02-54 “Faith” Is Seeing Beyond The Circumstance  /Pastor Jim Francis

Jul-25-2012-19-12-03 The Attitude Of Faith  /Pastor Jim Francis

Jul-29-2012-10-45-46 The Christian Disciple /Pastor Jim Francis


Aug-01-2012-19-06-45  Believing It’s yours / Pastor Jim Francis

Aug-05-2012-10-44-56 Discipleship and Following  Jesus / Pastor Jim Francis

Aug-05-2012-18-37-15  Revival In America / Matthew Yoder

Aug-08-2012-19-13-01  / Tongues For Today # 1 / Pastor Jim Francis

Aug-12-2012-10-42-03 What Does It Mean To Be A Christian / Pastor Jim Francis

Aug-15-2012-19-04-31 Tongues For Today # 2 / Pastor Jim Francis

Aug-19-2012-10-48-40 Ambassadors From New Jerusalem/ Pastor Jim Francis

Aug-19-2012-18-42-47 Receiving God’s Peace / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

Aug-22-2012-19-07-33 Receive The Gift / Pastor Jim Francis

Aug-29-2012-19-06-26  The Lord Is My Shepherd / Pastor Craig Dilbeck


Sep-02-2012-11-08-53 Now Faith Is! / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

Sep-05-2012-19-07-18  The Lord Is My Shepherd #2 / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

Sep-09-2012-10-38-26 The Glory Reveals / Pastor Jim Francis

Sep-09-2012-18-33-15 Personal Revival / Pastor Jim Francis

Sep-12-2012-19-07-17 Press On Breakthrough / Pastor Jim Francis

Sep-16-2012-10-33-57 The Armor Of God #1 / Pastor Jim Francis

Sep-16-2012-18-38-34 God Shall Direct Your Path / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

Sep-23-2012-10-45-44 The Armor Of God #2 / Pastor Jim Francis

Sep-30-2012-10-41-30  Woody Woodson Morning Service

Sep-30-2012-11-37-30 Woody Woodson Morning Prayer Line

Sep-30-2012-18-46-11 Woody Woodson Evening Servivce

Sep-30-2012-19-54-22 Woody Woodson Evening Prayer Line


Oct-03-2012-19-07-46 The last Day Move Of The Spirit / Pastor Jim Francis

Oct-07-2012-10-47-53 The Jesus Way Is Love / Pastor Jim Francis

Oct-10-2012-19-06-42 The Jesus Way Is Complete / Pastor Jim Francis

Oct-17-2012-19-05-35 The Blessing Of Abraham / Pastor Jim Francis

Oct-21-2012-10-55-36 Six Realities When You Are In A Test / Pastor Jim Francis

Oct-24-2012-19-01-41 The Mysteries Of The Kingdom / Pastor Jim Francis

Oct-31-2012-19-15-00 The Power Of The Blood / Pastor Jim Francis


Nov-04-2012-10-49-21 7 Keys To Answered Prayer / Pastor Jim Francis

Nov-04-2012-18-32-46  I Am Loved By God! / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

Nov-07-2012-19-16-11 The Spirit Of Determination / Pastor Jim Francis

Nov-11-2012-10-30-34  Our Jubilee Celebration / You may have to fast forward in some spots

Nov-18-2012-10-54-01 Finding The Will Of God / Pastor Jim Francis

Nov-18-2012-18-42-35 Catching The Wind / Jubilee Yocum


Dec-05-2012-19-06-57 The Community of Christ /Pastor Jim Francis

Dec-09-2012-10-37-37  Getting Real /Pastor Craig Dilbeck

Dec-09-2012-18-25-07 Our Identity is Found In Christ /Pastor Craig Dilbeck

Dec-12-2012-19-09-18 They Kingdom Come /Mary Schulte

Dec-16-2012-10-45-58 Christmas, Mary and Joseph Obedient Servants /Pastor Craig Dilbeck

Dec-16-2012-18-25-30 Relationship is More Than a Routine /Pastor Craig Dilbeck

Dec-19-2012-19-04-58 The Mirror of God’s Word /Pastor Jim Francis

Dec-23-2012-11-00-27 Reconciliation /Pastor Jim Francis

Dec-30-2012-10-41-21 The Rock and Living Stones /Pastor Jim Francis

Dec-30-2012-18-42-42 Hindering Fears /Matthew Yoder




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