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The audio files are listedby the month.

The file name format has changed to: month-day-year-hour-min-sec for example:   aug-08-2010-18-36-23

This would be the audio sermon file for August 8, 2010 6:36 pm.  This new file naming format began on August 8, 2010.




jan-03-2010-10-40 In God’s Presence / Pastor Jim Francis

jan-03-2010-18-33 Ministry is Serving people / Pastor Debbie Utterback

jan-06-2010-19-10 A Touch From God’s Presence / Pastor Jim Francis

jan-10-2010b-10-49 Jesus Way Not Our  Way / Pastor Jim Francis

jan-13-2010-19-14 Jesus Way Can’t Be Shaken / Pastor Jim Francis

jan-17-2010-10-40 Living God’s Dream-AM / Woody Wodson

jan-17-2010-18-40 It’s A New Season-PM / Woody Wodson

jan-20-2010-19-11 Pleasing God The Jesus Way /Pastor Jim


2010-feb-2 Steps to reaching your Destiny in Christ / Pastor Jim Francis

2010-feb-14 Biblical Principles For Victorious Living / Pastor Jim Francis

2010-feb-17 Looking Beyond Present Circumstances / Pastor Jim Francis

2010-feb-28pm The Gate Of Heaven / Nathan Spencer


2010-mar-03-19-12-54 The Church / Pastor Jim Francis

2010-mar-07-10-43-25 A People Called Out /  Pastor Jim Francis

2010-mar-10-19-04-01 The Importance Of Prayer / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

2010-mar-14-10-47-39 The Body Of Christ / Pastor Jim Francis

2010-mar-14-18-29-05 The Pure In Heart / Pastor Jim Francis

2010-mar-17-19-09-56 Run The Race Set Before You / Pastor Jim Francis

2010-mar-21-10-50-40 The Prodigal Son / Pastor Lori Francis

2010-mar-24-19-14-19 The Prayer That Prevails / Pastor Jim Francis

2010-mar-28-10-39-06 Palm Sunday / Pastor Jim Francis


2010-apr-04-10-43-45 Resurrection Sunday / Pastor Jim Francis

2010-apr-07-19-11-33 The Ministry Of The Holy Spirit #1 / Pastor Jim Francis

2010-apr-11-10-46-26 The Ministry Of The Holy Spirit #2 / Pastor Jim Francis

2010-apr-11-18-46-42 The Ministry Of The Holy Spirit #3 / Pastor Jim Francis

2010-apr-14-19-09-28 Receive The Holy Spirit / Pastor Jim Francis

2010-apr-18-10-43-42 Tongues For A Sign /  Pastor Jim Francis

2010-apr-21-19-12-21 The Ministry Of The Holy Spirit #4 / Pastor Jim Francis

2010-apr-25-10-54-10 Tongues For Edification / Pastor Jim Francis

2010-apr-28-19-12-27 The Traits Of A Spirit Filled Life /  Pastor Craig Dilbeck


2010-may-02-10-40-45 Discipleship / Pastor Jim Francis

2010-may-02-18-25-55 Motivational Gifts / Pastor Jim Francis

2010-may-05-19-08-23 The Promise Is Unto You! / Pastor Jim Francis

2010-may-09-11-02-05 God Will Make A way/ Pastor Lori Francis

2010-may-12-19-18-20 Facts And Truth / Pastor Jim Francis

2010-may-19-19-11-46 What The Lord Requires / Nathan Spencer

2010-may-23-10-35-10 Importance Of Pentecost  / Pastor Jim Francis

2010-may-26-19-02-01 Mental Strongholds / Pastor Jim Francis


2010-jun-02-19-09-54 Kingdom Principles #1 Pastor James Francis

2010-jun-06-10-45-19 Kingdom Principles #2 Pastor James Francis

2010-jun-06-18-44-28 Kingdom Principles #3 Pastor James Francis

2010-jun-09-19-14-26 Kingdom Principles #4 Pastor James Francis

2010-jun-13-10-40-42 A Living Hope / Pastor Jim Francis

(the mic was turned down for the first 2 min)

2010-jun-13-18-35-59 How to Walk in The Holy Spirit /Pastor Craig Dilbeck

2010-jun-16-19-13-34 Waiting Before God / Pastor Jim Francis

2010-jun-20-10-56-44 Show us the Father / Pastor Jim Francis

2010-jun-23-19-05-20 What’s Up With The End Times / Jim Francis

2010-jun-27-10-43-00 Signs and Indicators of The End of The Gentile Age / Pastor Jim


2010-jul-04-11-05-36 Crowns and Rewards / Pastor Jim Francis

2010-jul-07-19-11-14 The Test Of The Believer / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

2010-jul-11-10-45-14 Faith and Unseen Realities /Pastor Jim Francis

2010-jul-11-10-32-02 prophecy A Prophecy for edification, exhortation and consolation

2010-jul-18-10-38-47 Apostasy, Waxing Cold; Matt.24:12 / Pastor Jim Francis

2010-jul-18-18-37-20 The Words of My Mouth / Nathan Spencer

2010-jul-25-10-40-39 Apostasy Defined / Pastor Jim Francis


2010-aug-01-10-46-38 Say Yes To God’s Dream / Woody Woodson

2010-aug-04-19-16-23 Defining What it Means To Be Christian / Pastor Jim Francis

2010-aug-08-10-42-38 Son Of Encouragement#1 / Pastor Jim Francis

aug-08-2010-18-36-23 Armor Bearers (ministering to ministers) Pastor Craig Dilbeck

aug-11-2010-19-16-58 God’s Will For You / Pastor Debbie Utterback

aug-15-2010-10-41-27 Son Of Encouragement#2 / Pastor Jim Francis

aug-18-2010-19-20-48 Traits Of A Disciple / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

aug-22-2010-10-31-07 Prophecy Concerning God’s Glory and Leadership

aug-22-2010-10-44-30 Defining Christianity Continued / Pastor Jim Francis

aug-29-2010-10-37-20 The Rich Man’s Dilemma / Pastor Lori Francis


sep-01-2010-19-12-07 The Sower Sows The Word #1 /Pastor Jim Francis

Negative Spiritual Stongholds September-5-2010 / Pastor Jim Francis

sep-08-2010-19-18-23 Long-Suffering / Cassidy Carlgren

sep-12-2010-10-41-42 Point of Divine Contact /Pastor Jim Francis

sep-12-2010-18-35-27 The Alter Of The lord /Pastor Jim Francis

sep-19-2010-10-40-57 Principles For Victorious Living /Pastor Jim

sep-19-2010-18-45-59 Reconciliation / Nathan Spencer

sep-26-2010-10-42-14 It’s High Time!! / Pastor Jim Francis

sep-29-2010-19-08-57 The Ministry Of The Holy Spirit / Pastor Debbie Utterback


oct-03-2010-10-47-47 God’s Covenant Names / Pastor Jim Francis

oct-03-2010-18-47-00 Sowing In To The Spirit / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

oct-06-2010-19-10-05 The Will Of God #2 /Pastor Jim Francis

oct-20-2010-19-17-21 Do You Want more Of God? / Nathan Spencer

oct-10-2010-10-46-20 The Key To The Supernatural Ministry / Pastor Jim

oct-10-2010-18-42-25 The Shepherd’s Voice / Mary Schulte

oct-13-2010-19-09-26 What Is Love / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

oct-17-2010-10-49-59 Rhythm, Due Seasons and Divine Order / Pastor Jim Francis

oct-17-2010-18-42-53 Yoder Ordination Service / Pastor Jim

oct-17-2010-18-32-21-Penny Prophecy

oct-17-2010-18-35-32-Craig Prophecy

oct-24-2010-10-43-10 In Spirit and Truth / Pastor Jim Francis


Nov-03-2010 The Royal Law of Authentic Faith / Pastor Jim Francis

nov-07-2010-10-40-51 Hope Part #1 /Pastor Jim Francis

nov-07-2010-18-33-04 When God Fights For You / Becky Spencer

nov-14-2010-18-39-32 Wisdom Pastor Craig Dilbeck

nov-14-2010-18-29-56 Prophecy

nov-21-2010-10-27-54 A Thankful Heart / Pastor Jim Francis

nov-21-2010-18-27-21 Christian Hedonism / Nathan Spencer


dec-08-2010-19-12-28 Prayer / Nathan Spencer

dec-12-2010-18-48-44 We Are A Temple Within A Temple / Mary Schulte

dec-15-2010-19-11-40 Incarnational Christianity / Pastor Jim Francis

dec-22-2010-19-06-21 Reputations / Pastor Craig Dilbeck

dec-26-2010-10-53-13 What’s In A Name? / Pastor Jim Francis

dec-29-2010 Pastor James Francis True Pentecost #1 / Pastor Jim Francis

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