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Prophetic word - April 2ND, 2020

Prophetic Insights Pastor Jim Francis 04/02/2020

I think this is a (virus 9-11) and I believe the Lord is saying, there will be a worldwide shift and things will never be the same where are freedoms are concerned. I believe that this will spark and fan a flame that will lead to end time harvest and major moves of the Holy Ghost. It will take time to gain momentum, but it will be led by the young people who will counter-oppose this new Antifa communist move among the college kids.

God has strategically placed young people 40 years and younger in major places from corporations, schools, governments, law enforcement, churches and many other areas. They are ticking time bombs against the devil's plans and God has set them to go off at specific times, for His end time plan to culminate!

What Satan has meant for bad will be turned around on him to expose, expel and bring right alignment; especially in the hearts of God's remnant! As the Bible speaks about the Dragon's tail drawing a third part of the stars/angels from Heaven, So shall the Lord' s remnant true church draw in those who say they are Christians, but are really lukewarm and backslidden! Christians in name only, but they will be swept up in this supernatural fresh Jesus move and be truly converted. So while the church is on the Earth those in strategic places will hinder, withhold and resist satan's ability clinch his fist to fulfill his plan until we the Church is removed says the Lord!
So engage, or hide and watch, for my end time clock has begun to tick again, and the seconds not just minutes are being counted off!
This move of mine shall be and none shall stop it! They shall try, but I the Lord God shall come against them and my judgment and furry shall fall upon them as in days of old, except they repent says the Lord!

It's not alright, but it will be alright! Judgment, justice, right alignment, must begin in the Hearts of God's people first and then His Church as a conglomerate. Then God can use us to accomplish His end time harvest!

This thing that has begun is a reboot,  a reset and a wake-up call!

Awake oh sleeper! Arise and shine for thy light has come and the Glory of the Lord is arising on you; for the day dawns, so arise my beloved prepare and trim your lamps and make yourselves ready to come away with me. Rend your hearts, cleanse your wedding garments for your time is short and I'm at the Door ready to call you forth! So make haste and do the last of your preparations, before a come!

Prophetic word - MARCH 22ND, 2020

Thus sayeth the Lord—

I have allowed what you have allowed. You build your kingdom with little regard to MY kingdom. You are blinded by the agenda you do not see. The church is shaken for a reason; to strengthen that which remains. The excess, the comfort, the conformity, the shift is here.  Will you move with Me? The time of pruning is upon you. For judgement begins at the house of God. The rain falls on the just and unjust alike, but my true church will be sustained.  I set a distinction, a mark, a seal upon those who are mine. Judgement and justice are at the door.   I refine MY Zion from the midst of my people.

You cry out to me, “Why?”—I cry back, have you not heard, have you not listened, have you not headed my warnings?  Did I not speak, “To him who has hearing ears, let him hear.” Did I not reveal this to my prophets?  Divine order and right alignment, set your house in order are MY declarations. Yet you delayed for another day, another time, another place. You honor me with your lips, but your heart is far from me.

Beware of false prophets of fear, beware of false prophets of despair, but also beware of dismissive prophets who deny the reverberations for they work evil unknowingly, giving false confidence.  This is real, declares the Lord. Therefore take refuge in me.

The fear of man has swept the nation.  Fear to conform and fear to deny. Those that stay in the ark of presence will experience supernatural provision.  Those that step out in fearful frustration will be humbled.  Those that step out in reckless faith will be humbled.
Look to me declares the Lord, for your redemption draws near. Is my hand not shortened that I cannot save? Am I not the God who saves with sword and stone, saves with power and might? For I am mighty to save, mighty to deliver, mighty to protect, and might to redeem.
Seek me rather than your ambitions.  Seek me rather than your perceptions. Seek me rather than your intuitions.  The great deception is HERE. Do not be deceived, lean on my discernment for when you seek me with your whole heart, I will unfold my truth in the midst of lies.  

Prophetic word - February 8th, 2020

3 years ago one of the words given was, Enter The Move!  Last year we felt the Lord was saying; Judgment, Justice and Breakthrough; Divine Order and Right Alignment.

This year 2020, It’s a time of personal revival for those who go forth to meet and embrace God’s move! God is emphasizing, His Biblical principle to, “ call upon Him and He will answer you. Also to delight yourself in Him and He will give you the desires of your heart!” A vision of His purpose, not of your own making, but one from God!
The Movement has begun, so get up and Go forward!  This is the season to seek God’s vision for your life; to write it down and meditate on it until it becomes real and right now! A season to let go and let God! A time of Visitation from the Holy Spirit, that will bring the revelations you need to purify your imagination and cast down every notion and lofty thought not in alignment with Jesus! So set your will in one accord with God’s Kingdom Purpose and His plans. Set your intentions and resolve to do it his way in line with His Biblical truth and Kingdom principles!

Decree and declare the things that God has and are yours! Also, those things which has been spoken over Victorious Life Church. His will must become our will, not our will be done, but His will be done!  
Many are the distractions of this age, which seek to destroy or sideline God’s purposes in and through us, but God will give us clarity in our spiritual sight, as we separate ourselves from these distractions and put Him first!

False teachers that are deceived and deceiving, they are in abundance at this hour. Chase not after Unicorns and mythical, whimsical anointings, that are based in man’s excessive pride and self-assurance. Chase not after water spouts which have at their center a whirlwind of destruction and false winds of doctrines, not in My Word and are nothing more than things which I call a strange fire!
Purify your heart and Recover though spiritual worship and Truth The Refreshing Of the Breath of My Spirit and My “Pneumatikos’ spiritual gifting and use these to Restrain the enemy in your sphere of influence says The Lord!

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